Circle dance has been part of community life from when people first started to dance. It was seen as an important part of bringing communities together for celebrations and rituals. It is an ancient form of dance used to help us connect with ourselves, our community, to nature and to spirit.  It is used to honour the cycle of the seasons, the elements, earth, air, fire and water, the sun, moon and stars and the cycles of all life. Circle dancing is also about connection, nurturing and healing, coming together as a group to share the circle dance experience, as we take hands in the circle we are connecting to ourselves and to others.

In the circle dance we step into all that we are and all we are becoming, we circle dance to receive powerful gentle healing to body, mind and spirit. We move together as a group connecting to our dancing spirits and create beautiful moving mandalas. We create a wonderful healing energy in each of the dances. As we receive and offer this energy to each other, it enables us to open our hearts to a deepening and nurturing connection with ourselves, with others, with nature and with the entire universe!